Spray disinfection device nebulized / aerosols / fogger 4.5L

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Spray disinfection device nebulized / aerosols / fogger 4.5L

ULV-8000EN cold nebulizer Fogger


Condition: New. Shipping with DHL parcel up to 5 kg. Portable pest control, disinfectant and moistening sprayer. Application: In indoor and outdoor spaces such as hospitals, apartments and gardens.


Type:                                                             sprayer

Electricity:                                                    220V 50 Hz

Colour:                                                         blue

Engine:                                                        1400 watts

Filling tank:                                                  4.5 liters

Particle size:                                                5-30 microns

Power plug:                                                 EU / Germany

Use:                                                              insecticide, disinfection, moistening

Length:                                                         L 28.58cm W 26.04cm H 41

Brand:                                                          service

What is aerosol spray technology?

An aerosol is a heterogeneous mixture (dispersion) of solid or liquid suspended particles in a gas.

Aerosol technology is also used for painting and applying various protective or lubricants, as well as a nose, room or hair spray.

The aerosol sprayer with disinfectant in the form of cold misting is a very special technology.

What is aerosol spray technology?

ULV-8000EN cold nebulizer is a modern and practical device which disinfects surfaces as possible as a supplement to classic spray-wipe disinfection.

 In contrast to conventional methods, the room air itself is sometimes recorded and disinfected.


The portable ULV-8000EN cold nebulizer uses ultra-low-volume technology to create a long-lasting, floating mist from very fine potties. Sprayed active ingredients can distribute themselves optimally and act effectively.The amount of liquid sprayed can be controlled by a control valve. It is ideal for spraying with disinfectants and pesticides or for moisturizing tasks.In addition, the ULV cold nebulizer enables precise dosing with a large range and economical consumption of water and active ingredients. The simple handling ensures pleasant and safe work.

Garden / insecticides

The device can be used for garden. Humidification of plants. It can also be used to kill insects.

As well as pest control in agriculture. Compatible with most commercially available liquid fertilizer solutions.

Disinfection and prevention epidemic atomizer / aerosol spray

It can be used in restaurants, boarding houses, shopping centers, offices, homes, kindergarten, etc. Sterilization of cars,trains, ships, planes, greenhouses, greenhouses, livestock, farms, etc..


After using the machine, the remaining liquid must be poured out and then sprayed with clean water for 2-3 minutes. So that the part cleans itself a little. The device is not suitable for caustic or acidic  (vinegar) substances. Substances / liquids with high viscosity should be diluted with water.

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